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At Apple Creek Orthodontics, we have a new, innovative way to straighten teeth we think you’re going to love. SureSmile Clear Aligners are a series of custom-made, clear aligners that straighten teeth by applying consistent, gradual pressure to your teeth, guiding them into the correct position. SureSmile aligners are discreet, efficient, effective, and removable trays, making them the preferred treatment option by many of our patients. Other SureSmile benefits our patients love include:



Shorter Treatment Times

SureSmile works faster than conventional braces. In fact, the average treatment time with SureSmile is at least 30% faster!

Fewer office visits

Unlike traditional braces, SureSmile doesn’t require any hardware maintenance, so enjoy less time in the office!

High-Quality Results

These aligners work quickly and efficiently, so you can count on receiving high quality results and a high quality smile.

Less Overall Discomfort

Because there are no wires or backers, SureSmiles Clear Aligners are gentler on your gums and super comfortable!



SureSmile Clear Aligners are custom-fit, clear orthodontic trays that work to gradually straighten your teeth and give you your dream smile! Using proprietary software, Dr. Tomassetti and Dr. Eichholz will work alongside the SureSmile Digital Lab experts to design custom aligners for your unique treatment plan. Once your custom treatment plan is developed, SureSmile will manufacture your new aligners using advanced technology to achieve precise trays for a smooth and comfortable fit. Our Apple Creek team uses SureSmile’s technology to calculate predictable results and give you fast and effective treatment.

SureSmile Clear Aligners are a fast and effective alternative to traditional braces. Utilizing a series of transparent, removable trays, these aligners apply gentle pressure to your teeth, guiding them into the correct place. With the help of your digital scans, each SureSmile tray in your treatment plan is custom made using 3D printing, ensuring a perfect fit! Because the SureSmile system uses gentle pressure to move your teeth, you don’t have to rely on poky brackets or wires to move your teeth. SureSmile aligners are a very effective treatment option, and are known to straighten teeth at least 30% faster than traditional braces.

SureSmile Clear Aligners are a super comfortable and discreet treatment alternative to traditional braces. One great aspect of these aligners is they are super comfortable, according to our patients. With SureSmile aligners, you don’t have to worry about poky wires, bulky brackets, or uncomfortable adjustments. SureSmile trays are printed perfectly to fit your mouth, making them a super comfortable treatment option. Some patients may feel some discomfort for the first day or two after starting their SureSmile treatment journey, but a little over-the-counter pain reliever can help ease any discomfort. After the first couple of days, our patients adjust to their aligners and they even begin to feel pretty comfortable.

The traditional treatment time for someone wearing traditional metal braces is anywhere from 18 to 24 months. While there are several factors that determine someone’s overall treatment time,  the average treatment time for a patient wearing SureSmile aligners is six to 12 months. One of the reasons our patients love the SureSmile aligner system so much is that the treatment is effective and it produces results quickly. SureSmile aligner treatments on average are at least 30% faster than treatment with traditional braces. Our patients love how quickly and efficiently Dr. Tomassetti and Dr. Eichholz can create beautiful smiles with the SureSmile Clear Aligners!

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