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Phase 1 Treatment


Did you know that the American Association of Orthodontics recommends that all children visit an orthodontist by the time they are 7-years-old? That’s because children at this age have what is called mixed detention, or a mix of baby and adult teeth. In this stage, early treatment techniques can effectively guide the jaw and incoming teeth into the correct position, avoiding or minimizing the need for future treatment early on. Early treatment, also known as Phase 1 treatment and interceptive treatment, involves addressing orthodontic issues in children while their jaws are still developing, ensuring a solid foundation for a properly aligned and healthy smile in the future.

Treatments We Offer

Carriere Motion

The carriere motion appliance is a super useful tool for aligning the back teeth during phase 1 treatment before braces or clear aligners are used in phase II treatment. The carriere motion works to move the upper and lower teeth to improve an overbite or overjet and to create more aligned jaws. The carriere appliance is often worn for about three to six months and then patients can move into braces or clear aligner treatments. This appliance is convenient, effective, and can significantly reduce your child’s time in braces or clear aligners.
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Clear Aligners For Teens/Kids

During early treatment, or phase 1 treatment, clear aligners can be used to correct your child’s jaw placement and to then guide further growth of their jaw. Clear aligners can straighten your child’s teeth while expanding their arches and palate, allowing plenty of room for their future, permanent teeth to erupt. During early treatment, clear aligners can treat various orthodontic issues such as crowding, spacing, and narrow dental arches. Sometimes after phase 1 treatment, patients require phase II treatment to finish the process and give them their dream smile, but completing early treatment ensures faster overall treatment times.
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Braces For Teens/Kids

Early braces treatments are problem focused, meaning they address the major orthodontic issue at that time, rather than addressing their entire mouth. This form of early treatment can range from a single orthodontic appliance to limited braces and can include appliances such as a palate expander, thumb sucking device, or Herbst appliance. Early treatment is proactive rather than reactive, so utilizing braces on anyone in early treatment is a highly effective treatment tool.
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Intercepting Orthodontic Issues

Experts in Early Treatment

Dr. Tomassetti and Dr. Eichholz understand the importance of catching severe orthodontic issues early on in life. They strive to provide excellent early treatment so they can prevent more serious orthodontic issues from developing down the road. Their dedication to identifying and addressing orthodontic problems early on allow them to achieve optimal results with less invasive techniques. Our exceptional doctors and team at Apple Creek Orthodontics specialize in early treatment and they are dedicated to providing excellent results so your child can feel confident in their smile for a lifetime.

Although every patient is different and has a unique experience in early treatment, the average interceptive treatment time is anywhere from nine to 12 months.
Early treatment is also known as phase 1 treatment because it’s usually the first step in the treatment process. Depending on the severity of your child’s treatment, they may need phase II orthodontic treatment as well.

After your child completes their early treatment, we will continue to monitor their development at regular checkups to assess if further orthodontic treatment is necessary.

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