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Are you ready to embark on your orthodontic treatment journey with a team that is passionate about orthodontics? If so, call our office today to set up your complimentary consultation! We promise to provide you with an orthodontic treatment process that you enjoy, and a dream smile after treatment thag youbkove! We cannot wait for you to join the Apple Creek Orthodontics family as we embark on a journey to your new smile!

Treatments We Offer

Clear Aligners

Choose our clear aligner trays for an aesthetic and convenient journey to your dream smile.

Carriere Motion

Improve your bite and lessen your total time in treatment with the carrier motion appliance.


Achieve a rockstar smile in no time with traditional braces, a tried and true treatment option.

Lingual braces

Upgrade your smile with our most discreet braces option placed on the backside of your teeth.